Tooting My Own Horn: A Fringe Benefit of Blogging

23 07 2007

I was reading a friend’s blog and came across a post on how the Discovery Channel is more popular than MTV in India… [Here’s the link to the Article] Reading on, I was inspired to make the following comment…

“You know why, right??? its the only channel on indian tv that can’t be censored for showing mammals “doing the nasty”… Must bring out a latent bestiality fetish or something like that… When you see a statement like this “60% of men watching TV watch Discovery Channel” you know its the indian equivalent of a porn channel… that’s the “penetration” (i am not using a pun here, its an ACTUAL industry term) rate of porn in western countries… sick ain’t it? ;)”

The egomaniac in me loved my own humour so much that I had to blog about it :D. What can I say? I think I write good stuff. 🙂

Comments anyone?


The World’s Largest Pencil

5 06 2007

Yep. The Faber Castell Company, and it’s manufacturing facility in Malaysia is home to the World’s Largest Pencil. Standing at only about 65 feet tall and housed in a glass enclosure, it’s a Castell 9000 made of Malaysian lumber, and proper graphite. Yes, you can actually write with it.

How did I find this place? I was driving along to the Acer service centre, which is about 300m from this building and I see this huge sign that says, “The Worlds Largest Pencil – 100M thataway”. Well, just one more piece of evidence that Malaysians have major insecurity issues. Must be pen… sorry “pencil” envy. 🙂

Cool Engineering – The Ultimate Treehouse

3 06 2007

Just when you thought things couldn’t get weirder, they do. A couple of architects and an environmental engineer have teamed up to design a house that you can literally “grow” from trees. The Fab Tree Hab, as it’s called, is designed in such a way that trees are grown to provide the raw framework of the house over 5 years. The walls and such are then filled in using materials like mud and plaster. The interiors are then done up using conventional technologies. Power comes from solar energy, and there’s a specialized rainwater harvester/septic tank to process, recycle and provide tap water. The whole ideas is to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Some additional benefits are easy setup of swings for kids from some the branches, natural shade, etc. Here’s a conceptual video walk-through:

I would love to see this come to fruition. It would be really cool to see just how big a structure they can build with this. Maybe they could outdo Mukesh Ambani’s monster 60 storey “house” in Mumbai. That would certainly leave him “green” with envy. Pardon the pun. The full article is at here.

Cool Engineering – The Falkirk Wheel

2 06 2007

One of the coolest feats of engineering I have ever seen. A quick browse of the wiki entry reveals that the wheel is used to link two canals in Scotland, the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal. The only problem is that the union canal is 24m higher than the Forth and Clyde Canal. So engineers designed this marvel as a boat lift to link the canals by raising/lowering boats between the different canal heights. The canals were previously linked about a 100 years back by a series of 11 locks, but over the years they fell into disrepair and were filled in. For the Millennium, the government decided to reopen the link as part of a larger scheme to connect Glasgow and Edinburgh via various canals in Scotland as a tourist attraction.

One of the cool historical notes about this is that the Canal link actually traverses the Antonine Wall, for those fascinated by Roman history. Total cost of the project was 84 million pounds. But, it looks like its worth every penny. The really cool part is that to drive the 35m diameter wheels it only needs 1.5kwhr of power, which is probably about what your A/C consumes in an hour or so. And it completes a boat lift in about 4 minutes. Check out the video below:

More information on the wheel is available @ Wiki here. It’s definitely on my list of places to visit in the UK.

German Impales Self in Bath – Uses Plunger

1 06 2007

The Plot: According to the Ananova article, a 79-year old man in Germany wanted to have a bath, but couldn’t find the bath stopper. [This is the black rubber thingy that you shove into the drain to retain water. In the tub.] Apparently, desperate to block up the tub and bath, and unable to find the stopper, he used a plunger as a substitute. [A plunger is the rubber cup with a long stick attached to it used to unblock clogged drains and stuff. Note the long stick. It generally sticks UP!!!]

So, having solved his stopper dilemma, said German gets on with bathing and starts soaping. Unfortunately, he slips on the soap, and ends up impaling himself on the plunger. I think you get the picture. For more details, read the full article here.

The Verdict: I feel sorry for the guy, but you have to say that he got what was coming to him for tempting fate. What an idiot.