About Me

Well, my vote for the world’s absolute worst lyrics, for a love song even, is the gem that goes “You can reach me by caravan, Cross the desert like an Arab man”…

If you know me, then you can skip on to the next para. Otherwise, hi. I’m Ashwin Shankar. I go by many monikers but I prefer Ash or Ashwin. The rest you gotta figure out on your own.

I have an adventurous mind. I like to explore, do things differently. My journey so far has taken me across the world [I have circum-navigated the globe atleast once so far…]… Along the way I’ve picked up a really unusual view of the world… I’m happiest when I’m allowed to break free of my shackles and let my imagination take over…

I’ve been an entrepreneur, it was my first job out of school actually… and what a learning curve that was… which I followed with some interesting work on “electronic governance initiatives” for public institutions in malaysia. Today I’m a technology and management consultant in India, working with different clients in various industries…

I’m a bunch of contradictions… I love playing sports, except that I’m lazy… I’m crazy about football, but watch it on the telly… I spend my time reading… I read a hell of a lot… I’m fascinated by ancient history… I can get lost in those texts a lot… I love my music… At last count I had 50 odd Gigs or so… I like watching my movies… And download many more… I’m a geek as well… I like playing around with new things… but ultimately, I keep myself busy, or else the boredom would kill me…

About the only thing normal about me is that I’m fanatical about Liverpool Football Club, and I’d do anything to go to Anfield to watch a Merseyside Derby or a LFC-Man U match…

My resolutions for 2007 are:
i. Work on my golf game… My short game sucks…
ii. Get my lazy ass in the gym… or my mom wont shut up…
iii. Learn how to fret a guitar… Otherwise I’m stuck playing the same old G chord songs…
iv. Get cracking on my first million… Hey everyone needs a dream…
v. [still debating on this one.] Some kinda dance class [salsa maybe]… but this might have to wait until I achieve number ii…


2 responses

25 07 2007

nice intro

9 11 2010


just happened to come across your blog when i typed in why prices are cheaper in malayis compared to idnia. I am looking tom buy a laptop and i foudn the same configuration costs aorund seven to ten percent less in malasyia compared to here. since you had written back IN 2007, i want to know whtehr the discrepancy is still the same now


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