Final Contact

18 01 2008

This is the last post I’ll be writing for Chronicallysane. I’m moving my blog to and to offer a more targeted (for lack of a better word) reading experience for you.

The reason I split between two sites was that I wanted to start writing about work-related items. Being that I work in IT, Digitallydrunk is a very apt way to describe my state of mind after I have spent way too much time dealing with technobabble. Digitallydrunk will feature content on technology such as product reviews, tutorials, rants on technology (I can’t give up ranting), etc.

Vetti on the other hand is my playground. The word Vetti is a tamil slang term used to describe a person who’s idle/jobless/got-time-on-their-hands. Vetti will showcase anything interesting I find when I’m not working, or I feel like writing about.

It’s true I could have implemented this with CS. But, I took a good hard look at the concept, and I felt that I would be devaluing a post on some serious technical issue if the next post was about four-titted sheep. So to better separate and enhance the value of each content type, I’m doing this.

This is not the end of CS. This is its next avatar. Just point your browsers to and to get your fix of CS-like posts.

Thanks for reading for the past year.