Tooting My Own Horn: A Fringe Benefit of Blogging

23 07 2007

I was reading a friend’s blog and came across a post on how the Discovery Channel is more popular than MTV in India… [Here’s the link to the Article] Reading on, I was inspired to make the following comment…

“You know why, right??? its the only channel on indian tv that can’t be censored for showing mammals “doing the nasty”… Must bring out a latent bestiality fetish or something like that… When you see a statement like this “60% of men watching TV watch Discovery Channel” you know its the indian equivalent of a porn channel… that’s the “penetration” (i am not using a pun here, its an ACTUAL industry term) rate of porn in western countries… sick ain’t it? ;)”

The egomaniac in me loved my own humour so much that I had to blog about it :D. What can I say? I think I write good stuff. 🙂

Comments anyone?




One response

6 09 2007

Discovery channel shows more of killing and violent animal behaviour, devouring and tearing the meat of the kill, than mating scenes. And that too in horrible details. It is more a channel exhibiting violent animal behaviour. May be lot of Indians watch it because it satisfies the desire for violence which is frowned upon in Hindu religion!
It might be interesting to see how many of the viwers are vegetarians!

In India the fashion TV doubles up for porno TV.

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