German Impales Self in Bath – Uses Plunger

1 06 2007

The Plot: According to the Ananova article, a 79-year old man in Germany wanted to have a bath, but couldn’t find the bath stopper. [This is the black rubber thingy that you shove into the drain to retain water. In the tub.] Apparently, desperate to block up the tub and bath, and unable to find the stopper, he used a plunger as a substitute. [A plunger is the rubber cup with a long stick attached to it used to unblock clogged drains and stuff. Note the long stick. It generally sticks UP!!!]

So, having solved his stopper dilemma, said German gets on with bathing and starts soaping. Unfortunately, he slips on the soap, and ends up impaling himself on the plunger. I think you get the picture. For more details, read the full article here.

The Verdict: I feel sorry for the guy, but you have to say that he got what was coming to him for tempting fate. What an idiot.




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