Sour Grapes Leave A Bad Aftertaste

15 05 2007

Reading the comments made by Neil Warnock after Sheffield United got relegated, I couldn’t help but wonder why hadn’t the guys in the white coats and the straitjackets taken him away yet??? Sure you’re entitled to moan a bit about how some decisions didn’t go your way, but complaining that you got relegated because other teams didn’t field the right team is nuts. If you’re lost on what I’m talking about, go here for the details.

I’m sorry Neil, but you should have paid more attention to your own team rather than bothering about what other managers are upto with theirs. If your team had performed better then you won’t bescrambling for pathetic excuses on why you got relegated. You had 38 games in the season to try and get around 40 points. You just needed 1 more win to stay up. Why couldn’t you manage that? At the end of the day, you got relegated because Wigan had more desire than you guys to win and stay up. You and your team failed to convert at least 1 draw into a win, or 3 losses into a draw. Actually, why couldn’t you just convert 1 loss into a draw. That’s all you really needed in the end.

You can try and avoid the truth saying the refs were biased, other managers were out to get you, the grass was greener on the other side, the dogs were shitting in your karmic universe upsetting your mental balance, anything you like. It just goes to show that you’re a really poor loser who can’t accept that the responsibility of being a relegated manager. Paul Jewell showed great character before the last game by stating, [i’m paraphrasing] “No matter what the circumstances, we’re in this position because of what we did or didn’t do on the football pitch.” That’s the kind of humility and down-to-earth attitude that makes you really respect and admire the guy. ‘Course it could be cause he’s a Scouser. But, all Warnock has shown is that he has no character to speak of. None whatsoever.

It’s not good pointing the finger at Man U or Liverpool for putting out “weaker” teams. They have their priorities and, FYI, you’re not anywhere on the list. It’s absurd expecting your competition to gratify your desires, especially when its a league as lucrative as the Premiership. What’s the point of a competition if people seriously expect others to heed and actually accede to a statement like, “Hmmmm! I wish all the other teams would lose so that I can win the title!” Seriously, you’d think that people would have more respect for their peers. I still can’t digest that he’s attacked his fellow managers as though they had a personal grudge against him. Come on. By the same boat, does it mean that Rafa Benitez is entitled to turn around and question why Warnock and other managers didn’t field sides competent enough to beat Chelsea and Man U so that Liverpool could win the title? He doesn’t because he understands that the destiny of any team is solely determined by their own performance on the pitch, not by whining about what could have been if other teams had done this, or done that. That’s football mate. If you haven’t realized that by now, what the hell are you doing as a manager?

It’s down-right bloody ridiculous. Not to mention patently insane. Neil Warnock is possibly the biggest jackass in football at the moment. Until I read this, I really felt sorry for Sheffield that West Ham got away without any points deduction for Tevez-gate. But now I truly hope that the ruling is upheld and that West Ham stay up and Sheffield don’t get reinstated back to the Premiership. After the way he’s reacted, Neil Warnock doesn’t deserve to be in top flight. We can do without his sort, thank you very much.

Yes, I’m mad because he fingered Rafa and Liverpool directly. But I’m even more angry that he accused Rafa and Alex Ferguson of conspiring to relegate the Blades. Puhleeeeze. They both have more important things to focus on than you, Neil. Grow up!




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