On Life, The Universe, And Everything – Part I

29 04 2007

I just realized that I’ve been putting off blogging for over 10 days now. My browser has around 8 tabs locked on topics that got my rant juices flowing. So, lets review what’s recently pissed me off and/or tickled my interest in brief detail:

Topics covered:
1. Animal assassination and how PETA advocates killing animals
2. Condoms are data security protection measures according to Google
3. Sanitizing Orkut
4. The Hoopla around the Abhi-Ash Wedding
5. Why Superman could be real
6. Why Asians are smarter than the Brits! Proof by the Brits!
7. The flipping insanity of the Gere-Shetty kissing episode and how I can take down Bolly-Kolly-Tolly-MollyWood thanks to the Indian Penal Code
8. And the stupidity of “smart” people for trying to give laptops to kids who cant read [old news I know but due to recent events, my rant instincts have been rekindled and are flaming.]

It all started off with this article I came across on Reuters Berlin’s polar bear cub Knut receives death threat. For those not aware of the history behind this story, Knut was born a couple of months back in the Berlin Zoo, but was rejected by his mother at birth. One of the zoo’s keepers has taken on the role of the cub’s “parent” to the extent that he “has slept in Knut’s cage, played with him and fed him porridge since the cub’s mother rejected him at birth.” This has created a major furor among animal rights activists who wanted him put to sleep, rather than having him raised by humans, claiming it was “unnatural”. Doesn’t that seem a little oxy-moronish to you? Animal rights activists, i.e. people who normally infest groups like PETA, wanting an animal killed because he is being raised by humans who, to put it mildly, are keeping him alive, because that’s not natural??? Doesn’t the fact that these people are going to great lengths to help this cub survive actually deserve respect and admiration, rather than condemnation from the very people who otherwise preach to us “Don’t wear fur! Don’t eat meat! Don’t mistreat animals! Don’t kill animals!”??? Flipping insane!!!

Compounding the insanity of an already insane situation is the death threat against the cub. Why the heck would someone want to threaten a cub? What do you gain? If you look at it objectively [and cynically], at least those wackos who go about threatening people claim some kind of ideology like religion, greed, sexual frustration, lack of toilet-training, etc. But what possible motive could you have against a cub, especially one that has been rejected by its mother and would otherwise have died? It’s unnatural??? It doesn’t even make sense. I wish the Germans find the idiot who sent the threat so that they can ask him what his motive was. I’ll bet it’ll be something like, “My mother never cared for me like that zoo keeper cares for that cub! That’s makes me upset, jealous and furious! Since I didn’t get that kind of love, he shouldn’t get it, so I want to kill him.”

So that was Day 1. Day 2 was a lighter note courtesy of this wonder of journalism from my favorite techno-tabloid titled Need enhanced data security? Try a condom. Apparently, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council is promoting a concept called PCI Data Security Standards [PCI DSS] as ways for e-commerce sites to enhance the protection of your personal information when you go shopping online. One of the Register’s readers decided to do a Google Image Search on PCI security to get a copy of the PCI DSS logo, and instead found that Google recommends Durex “extra safe” condoms as a PCI Data Security Standard. Just goes to show just how much Google cares about ensuring your personal information isn’t “penetrated!!!” Priceless. [Sorry for the pun! Couldn’t resist!]

Day 3 was a day of highs and lows, i.e. I came across 2 topics to rant on, one good, one maddening. The first was about tackling objectionable content on Orkut. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting a little sick of all the spam that I come across on the site. And I’m not just talking about the pimps, callgirls, orkut account removal messages, and people advertising their webcams. I’m talking about the Orkut addicts whose goal in life is to get AS MANY friends as possible on Orkut. Like that’s some status symbol! The other day, I got this scrap that said, [I’m even being accurate right down to the punctuation, which infuriated me even more] “HeY! Whatz Up??? ThIS Is Hari!” And I’m thinking, “Hari??? I don’t know a Hari! Who could this be???” So very politely I asked “Who are you?” Response I got was, “I’M HARi-HAraN 18 1sT YeAR EngINEERING! ADd mE As Ur FRnD!” I was in a crabby mood that day, it was hectic at work, so I tersely responded “Sorry! No can do! I don’t know you so sod off!” I admit it was a bit harsh but like I said, I’m sick of this kind of spam. I use Orkut to keep in touch with people I know. Yes, I meet some new people through common friends, but that’s usually cause I also meet them in the real world, and we have something in common. But, its not a contest. A friend of mine mentioned to me that some ignoranus[i love this word] actually sent him a note saying, “Congrats da! You’ve hit 1,000 scraps!” Huh? So what??? Who cares if you get 1 or 1,000? That’s not the objective of the site. That’s my view anyway.

But, reading this article, Mumbai Police can now nail web offenders, really gives me some hope for the future of the site. Until now, people on Orkut were relatively anonymous as authorities did not have any arrangement in place to request Google for information on users. And especially in cases where hate-crimes, underworld dons, and such were glorified, or in cases where people reported that they were being defamed, there was a need for some system to allow authorities to tackle these issues. The current arrangement enables the authorities to request Google for user information when objectionable content is reported, so as to track down the suspects who posted the material. Granted, this has nothing to do with the spam that I was ranting about earlier. But, I hope people will start being more responsible on how they use the site in the knowledge that they can be tracked by the cops if someone objects to how they’re using the site. Orkut is a great tool, but people need to start respecting other users a bit more. Again, this is just my personal opinion.

The other topic of the day was the much-awaited media blitz covering the Aishwariya Rai-Abhishek Bachchan wedding. In fact, a friend specifically asked me to rant on this, but having diligently avoided following the media hype I was at a bit of a loss on what to say. Then, I saw this article,
Abhi-Ash wedding: Amitabh apologises to media for high-handedness of securitymen, and I was all fired up to rant.

The media complained that security staff at the wedding manhandled several media-persons while they were trying to get the inside scoop on what they dubbed “the wedding of the decade” that took place at Bachchan Sr.’s bungalow. They even objected that buses were parked between the media and the bungalow preventing the paparazzi from taking snaps. Now, what I want to know is why should the Big B apologize? Why should he indulge, and try to mollify, actually, the media for trying to invade the privacy of an event, which he expressly made clear to be a private family affair, specificially requesting that the media respect the privacy of the family and keep the paparazzi at bay??? If he had said he’d let the media in then there might be a case. But since the media ignored his requests, why should he pander to them as though he was in the wrong! Imagine complaining, “He must apologize because he parked buses so we couldn’t see!” As if the fact that he built a temporary wooden roof all around his property to shield the people inside from prying eyes wasn’t hint enough that he didn’t want the media to pry??? Gawd! What maroons!

The media really needs to get a grip on just how far they can push into people’s lives for a story. There are limits to journalistic license. I’ve mentioned this before in an earlier post, The Demise of Decency, on the early coverage of the murder of Bob Woolmer last month. Fine! It was a marriage between two celebrities, so you’re allowed some media hype! But don’t bloody expect sympathy for violating the wishes of the your subjects. Sometimes, you have to wonder if these people even have a conscience! And after all this they have the balls to say, “All they could have done is gracefully posed at the end. It was just a wedding after all.” So, we viewers were subjected to a week of constant media hype counting down to the event, plus all day coverage of the event with a flood of shots of the bungalow from various angles as the day progressed with meticulous chronicling of every person who entered and left the event, all because it was just a wedding??? Total freaking idiots!

I’ll stop this post here for now lest I run out of steam for the rest. Stay tuned for Part II, coming shortly. Hope you’ve enjoyed this so far. Give me some feedback people!!! 225 hits and no feedback???




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