How To Hire The Right Person – Make It A Game

28 02 2007

I admit this isn’t about mismanagement, but then this entire topic is about the do’s and dont’s of running a business… On to the epiphany…

I’ve just been given the job of getting my client’s entire HR process under control. That’s one of the drawbacks of being a “jack-of-all-trades” consultant. People know that you can do more than just one thing. So, I’ve been going over the whole thing from start to finish, from CV reviewing to interview scheduling, evaluating candidates on the phone, the actual interview and the finalization process.

And I just cant help but think, “There has to be a better way to find the right candidate…” which brings me to this article I found on another wordpress blog, about an interesting interview process. The candidates are grouped in small teams and asked to solve a problem within a set time period. What I like about this is that it not only tests the candidates knowledge but their ability to communicate and work as part of team. Its the best way to weed through candidates to identify the right attitudes and skillsets. Gotta figure out a way to incorporate this into my client’s workflow.

The full article is >> here.


A Green F1 Car…Huh?

27 02 2007

I have this morning ritual where I hit the BBC site to get my morning international news fix, before heading over to look over the papers with my morning coffee. And this article caught my eye BBC SPORT | Motorsport | Formula One | Honda not quick enough – Button

So delving into the article, the second paragraph hits me, “The new RA107 car, which was unveiled on Monday sporting a new livery promoting environmental concerns, has disappointed in testing.”, and further on, “Honda unveiled their car’s livery for the 2007 season on Monday and have chosen to scrap advertising and feature an image of the earth. The RA107 car, driven by Button and Rubens Barrichello, will aim to raise awareness of climate change.”

Think about it. A F1 Car used to highlight environmental issues. A 2.4L V8 700+hp engine that consumes close to 75 liters of High Octane Fuel per 100Km, which is a grand fuel economy rate of 1.333KM/L, being used to tell people, “Hey! Take care of the planet! Don’t pollute! Use energy wisely!”.

WTF? Don’t these people even think about what they’re trying to say? Don’t they realize its a flipping contradiction to use what is possibly the least efficient car engine on the planet to promoto eco-friendly initiatives.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m a big fan of F1. Was rooting for Kimi 2 seasons back, but last season was a bit of whimper. Still, I’m sure there are much better things that F1 can do to raise environmental awareness issues, like set a target to raise fuel economy from 1.33KM/L to 5KM/L, or better emissions controls. Infact, I bet the tire rule they had 2 seasons back would have been a great environmental initiative. I still think that was an awesome idea. Really did make the races more interesting.

Out of morbid curiosity I decided to check out the Honda F1 website to see what they have to say. And the twits are really hyping their whole green initiative, calling it a radical new approach to Formula One. Can someone PLEASE explain how changing the frigging paint scheme on your car makes you, and I quote, “… a pioneer – a forward-thinking company that has never shied away either from technical challenges or from its corporate responsibilities“, especially when talking about environmental awareness???

And it gets worse… their pitch is… “Honda will harness this power to raise awareness of climate change among the 150+ million viewers of each race, taking place every two weeks. Indeed, such is the reach of the sport around the world, that it is estimated that if just 1% of F1 viewers turned their computer off at the plug overnight, this would save 45,000 tonnes of CO2., more than three and a half times the annual carbon emissions of the entire Honda Racing F1 Team.

So, Honda, your gaz guzzler will be used to get people to turn off their computer monitors but still watch you idiots driving around a frigging track for 3+ hours. And you are admitting to the fact that this one team generates as much bloody CO2 emissions as 500,000 people using their computers for more legitimate [i hope] purposes than driving around in circles. That’s probably more people than the combined population of all those micronations that are dotted across Europe.

My Verdict: Brilliant. Just flipping brilliant. I got my nominees for the Darwins, IgNobles, and my own contest I just invented, “The Leading Royal Dumbasses on the Face of the Planet Award for 2007”, also known as “The Monumental Stupidity Award for 2007”. I debating on what the winner’s award should be. Suggestions are welcomed.

For those who want to read their press release in its full glory, go here at your own risk Honda F1 Press Release.